Original Bavarian Beer


Lothar-Bräu – Unique world wide

Lothar-Bräu is a traditional Bavarian Brewery operating in a strict accordance to the German beer purity law.


About Lothar Bräu

“Greatest Beer from the greatest Brewery.”

The popularity of Lothar-Bräu beer has always extended beyond the land limits of Bavaria.  The special enjoyment of beer, our highly skilled brewmaster and the famous Bavarian way of life, are just a few factors contributing to Lothar’s success – locally and internationally.

Lothar is calling

“Bavarian Beer” preserved in Europe

Since 2001, the European Union has registered the term “Bavarian beer” as a protected geographical indication. Only Bavarian beer, produced in Bavaria and brewed according to the strict Bavarian purity standards, may be offered as “Bavarian Beer”. With this neutrally supervised quality guarantee, the EU wants to promote regional specialties, preserving traditional methods of production.



Quality & Tradition


The most valuable ingredients for our Lothar-Bräu beers come from the nature. We combine sustainable brewing art with an ecologic claim.


From dad to Son over 80 years – yes we are proud of our tradition and our great recept. Our beer taste like orginal bavarian beer should taste like!


The particularly pure, high-quality water is the basis of the success of the Heinrich brewery from its own sources.

Our Beers


Ebelsbach, Bayern, Germany
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